If you have a business on Google, you might want to update the information to reflect the changes you have made.There is a section of Google My Business and it is called “Posts” It shares some of the information that is in the report section on the Google My Business App. The Insight section is on the online version not the mobile version. There is a Services section where you can write your services there. If you have more than one location, the add new locations is on online version. You can also try Google Ads on this app if you want.

They give you many options to choose from so pick the best one that works for you and your post. You can also select the date range you want the post to show in your business information section. Since I have two blog sites at the same address, I like to add both site’s posts to this business section. Google only allows you to associate one website with your Google My Business page. I hope these tips help you keep up-to-date with your information on Google Search.

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