I am seeing a number of complaints around Google My Business review replies, the replies owners leave on reviews, not all showing up. I am not sure if the issue is resolved, but based on my tests over the past 12-hours or so, it seems when I leave replies for reviews I see them, plus I see some old replies.

Some are saying that some replies are showing up but most are not. You can see a ton of complaints both in the Local Search Forums and Google My Business Help forums. Here are some of the complaints:

I am in communication with GS, but haven’t received any helpful explanation or support yet.

I am hesitant to start re-replying to them in hopes they come back. Plus, a lot of the replies I post are long!

Joy Hawkins, a local SEO expert said “yes, I’m seeing more and more reports of this over the last 24 hours. We’ll be posting an article about it this morning.”

Krystal Taing, a Google Product Expert said “this has been reported by a few other users as well. We are waiting to hear back from the team and will share updates as soon as we have them.”

So there seems to be a widespread issue but in my tests, I see old replies:

I also tested adding a new reply and it showed up immediately (I checked in a signed out browser also):

In any event, if you are seeing this issue, you are not alone – Google seems to be working on a fix or maybe have fixed it already.

Forum discussion at Local Search Forums and Google My Business Help.

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