Google My Business support has been plagued by issues this year.

Local SEOs have shared their thoughts on the quality of Google My Business support.

Many have expressed concerns about incorrect or misleading information and advice.

It’s extremely tough to speak with a Google My Business Product Expert. It can be good for simple requests, like it’s a big time-taker. There is a quasi-language barrier. The problem can be overcome, but it’s really difficult. It’ll take time to get help that may or may not help, often makes business owners wonder whether they’re too reliant on the “local map” and going about their local visibility all wrong.

There seems to be a lot of inconsistency in the quality of support depending who happens to field your inquiry. Some of the Google My Business support folks seem knowledgeable about the platform and common issues, while others seem to lack even a basic understanding of Google My Business language and core concepts. Some particularly troubling pieces of misinformation I’ve heard are: Adding keywords into your listings, shop code and labels will help your listing rank better. Deleting a suspended listing and starting again will solve the suspension issue. Edits made to your Google My Business listing will ‘reset’ the account’s authority (they won’t!).

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